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We have a number of stone options on site. Each one has it's own color, texture and performance qualities. Reference the chart below, or click on a stone for more information.
QuartzGraniteCeramic TileStainless SteelSoapstoneLaminateSolid SurfaceSlateMarbleOnyxConcreteLimestoneButcher Block

Guide to the Ratings:
Overall score summarizes performance in all tests. Stains denote resistance to 20 common household products. Heat gauges how well materials resisted damage and discoloration from a 400-degree pot filled with oil. Cutting reflects resistance to damage from a weighted chef's knife using slicing and chopping motions. Abrasion is resistance to damage from a weighted sanding block. Impact denotes the ability to withstand blunt and pointed weights dropped from up to two feet.

** Information provided by Consumer Reports Kitchen Planning & Buying Guide

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